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Don’t know how can I live with or without those hopes… who else can live with both fear of losing and with the intention of killing those hopes?! who cannot even kill an ant… always hopes to be killed… who loves his world more than anything else and… wishes to have a pair of wings so that he can flee… who is frantic in responding to the call of the world but… let him to put a blind eye on his own life, lives… who loves to hold hands of thousands, hates to touch his own, owns… who loves to kiss, hug, smell the beauty of beauties leaving himself in the life of hatred rife all over… where mere physics exist…

It’s sometimes unbearable… it’s sometimes unworthy… it’s sometimes self-killing… but it became, it becomes the way of living the life, the life where so many beauty cannot let me leave; but i know I have to leave someday…! how tragic the life is, how unbearable the pain is, how excruciating the miseries are…


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we want fresh blood and new ideas into our political sphere. I would request all like-minded youths to form a forum for the 21st century leadership in Bangladesh…

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