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So many moments… I can’t actually count how many, but it was true, it is true that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman stirred my emotions, jolted my minds in countless times. Whenever I read politics, I read Bangladeshi politics, I think about how to devote to common folk, how to serve the community, the society, the country, and the humanity as a whole… I remembered him, I remembered his sacrifices, and I remembered his passions about his fellow countrymen… I couldn’t imagine how madly a man could love his fellows, how madly one can believe all, even the traitors!

Bangbandhu was my childhood icon as it is for millions. My eagerness, my passions about politics, about serving people truly originated from his life, from his years’ of fighting examples. I wanted to work for common, wanted to engage in social services only due to the obligation to follow his set paths. I cried when I saw him crying, I stirred when I saw his deliberation… I felt every of his words came from his heart, I saw each of his words carry the meaning which you can believe, I watched his every actions meant for his nation not for his mere family or own. The man who sacrificed his whole life in streets, in jails, in fighting for rights of his people must be the utmost example of each and every youth, must be the hero of the nation.

Our misfortune is that criminals, goons, traitors triumphed and ruled our country in the absence of our departed hero. Patriots left the podium, escaped the scene and handed their beloved piece of land to the miscreants, gave the full-blank-cheque to the traitors. Their time had begun. The traitors distorted the texts, the history, derailed the country from its spirit and established a reign of thuggery and looting, surrounded us with falsehood and lies. How wretched and unfortunate we were! A nation with just having a brilliant example of sacrifices, courage and endurance soon turned into a nation of betrayers, brutal and barbaric…

Now the time has come. It has come to repay the debt, the debt of four decades. We must repay what has been bestowed on us. The youth must hold the flag, must carry it, and must voyage into the spirit of three millions, who sacrificed their lives for their motherland. No time to spare. Only with devotions, sacrifices, and commitments we can partly pay back what became the long overdue burden for all of us. Only through these means and long way to struggles, we can remember the hero, we can commemorate him… We can assure him that his dream for a free nation, a nation with vigor and prestige is still relevant and we are ready to fill the gap, to follow your path and to let your dreams come true… We shall overcome someday…


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