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There have been some heated discussions on the year’s Nobel Peace Prize. I found many as meaningless as ever. All I remember that Mahatma Gandhi failed to score enough to be declared as the winner and contrarily, two of the Israel’s butcher leaders was made enough peace to the world for being selected for the prize. I cannot understand most of its choices. Yet, undoubtedly, there were many very very good choices had been made. How many? Well, you can count them on your finger. Therefore, the rest become worthless piece of discussion. Nowadays, it becomes a naked political tool too to, say for example, pick a person in Tehran to voice against the Iranian regime who is not ‘our’ friend. We all know that Henry Kissinger, one of the War Lords to expand the grip of American Hegemony who also masterminded many brutal covert CIA operations around the globe, receive the prize for brokering a peace deal!

For Obama supporter, I salute the person Obama for his perseverance, patience, and struggle to become a first black American president. Also, I really became a fan of Mr Obama for his political upstaging and the contribution to re-popularize politics among youth in line with calling them to treat it as a social service. And to hold the courage in such a racial American society where conservatism rooted deep into its core, that a message can triumph and can be an unstoppable force to tear off evil campaigns. And many others… Yet, the paradox is the other side of the coin. If we talk about President Obama, we are heading towards the other direction. I can hardly appreciate President Obama (for being nominee of the prize) as per his inability to shred the evil civil-military-intelligence nexus of Pentagon let alone the debate that he has delivered nothing so far. He will merely become a scapegoat of many uncanny things or the system itself will turn him into an evil campaigner who will have a good disguise, which is even more dangerous!

Nobel committee should have clearly defined to whom it is giving the award. To the person who instilled hope, helped make a history, torn off racial divide? Or to the President who has many promises in his stock but nothing to deliver? Unless, we know the facts and facets, we cannot make a subjective (objective too?) analysis of the event.


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