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In my facebook account, I put an ambiguous line: “where my road leads to…” No matter what happened, achieved, tied with in life, sometimes it becomes unbearable to tread down the way. The course I desired, the path I wanted, the exuberance I dreamt for… all of these, all of a sudden, shake me, hold me back, and call me for something untowards… This is what I termed yesterday evening- ‘a crazy emotion’ without which the life is laid, without which love is laughable… and without those crazy actions everything becomes instrumental, mechanistic, even though those are required for the life of a disciple, disciplines, for the life of a social being… I really amaze why all of these! Why we can’t tear apart those veils, shackles resisting our earnest desires, our passion, our crazy emotion. What will happen after all these things… nobody really doesn’t understand. The footnote will be same, the endnote will copy each other… life will become deserted in a remote, tranquil place where none of those shackles, veils will accompany your loneliness. We will be just laid down, down to the earth, down to our own lonely battle… Why wait? If we are destined to fight a battle, alone… why deprive our emotions right now, why lie to our heart, why stay behind the clouds… Let’s wake up, jump over the line, go for the battle alone, the battle we are destined in anyway, and then we expect that the endnote will end solitarily… and therefore the Armageddon, the final battle, looms over… Don’t know, don’t catch, don’t wish to be won or defeated… just all the best wishes to those crazy feelings, crazy emotions without which I’m a dead sole, without which I’ll end before the last letter of that endnote…


July 26, 2009



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Don’t know how can I live with or without those hopes… who else can live with both fear of losing and with the intention of killing those hopes?! who cannot even kill an ant… always hopes to be killed… who loves his world more than anything else and… wishes to have a pair of wings so that he can flee… who is frantic in responding to the call of the world but… let him to put a blind eye on his own life, lives… who loves to hold hands of thousands, hates to touch his own, owns… who loves to kiss, hug, smell the beauty of beauties leaving himself in the life of hatred rife all over… where mere physics exist…

It’s sometimes unbearable… it’s sometimes unworthy… it’s sometimes self-killing… but it became, it becomes the way of living the life, the life where so many beauty cannot let me leave; but i know I have to leave someday…! how tragic the life is, how unbearable the pain is, how excruciating the miseries are…

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